Terasi Udang Namira

Terasi Udang Namira

Terasi Udang Namira


Food & Beverage


Jl. Sudirman Lingkungan IV Pekan Gebang Kec. Gebang Kab. Langkat

Terasi Udang Namira is a shrimp paste made from fresh soybean shrimp added with table salt which is processed without preservatives and artificial coloring. Shrimp made from selected shrimps obtained from the island of Kampai and Kuala Gebang, Langkat district. Terasi Udang Namira began to be produced since the beginning of 2014 and began to be marketed since the year of manufacture. The main vision and mission of Terasi Udang Namira embodies the taste of the archipelago that still preserves the characteristics of the original taste of Indonesian cuisine and prioritizes healthy living in the use of original ingredients without harmful additives.

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