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North Sumatra Invest is a cross-institutional team work in North Sumatra that aims to increase investment in North Sumatra through investment promotion activities in the context of improving the economy of North Sumatra. NSI membership consists of agencies of both the provincial and districts/cities levels.

NSI already has a legal basis based on Governor's Decree No.188.44/787/KPTS/2023.

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  1. Intensive cooperation and coordination between regional authorities and relevant stakeholders in the framework of managing positive perceptions and promoting investment opportunities in North Sumatra.
  2. Providing complete, accurate, and up-to-date data and information related to macroeconomics and investment opportunities in North Sumatra to external stakeholders.
  3. Preparing material related to various investment promotion activities within the scope of North Sumatra.
  4. Carry out investment promotion activities and manage positive perceptions related to North Sumatra in order to encourage and attract investors to invest in North Sumatra and create a conducive business climate and investment climate.
  5. Providing views and suggestions objectively and rationally towards regional economic problems and participating in formulating economic development policies and developing a conducive business and investment climate.

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