Medan Industrial Estate


Medan Industrial Estate

Medan Industrial Estate

Investment Value

USD23.64 million or equal to IDR0.35 trillion (USD1 = IDR14,800)




Deli Serdang

Profile : 

  • Location                                 : Pulau Batam Street Medan Industrial Estate
  • Total Area / Land Status    : 150 Ha is still available and already clear by its existing land
  • Financial Feasibility            : Provided by masterplan and concession period for 20 years

Facilities that will be built:

1. Internal Flood Control System

    Investment Value : IDR 114 Billion

    Investment Scheme : Direct Investment

    Description :

    -  Existing canal repair (11,012 m)

    -  Addition of existing capacity (7,341 m)

    -  New canal (5.900 m)

    -  Sedimentation / drainage control (15,015 m)

    -  Transfer pump (4 units)

    -  Median retention canal (2,900 m)

    -  Drainage cell (36,707 m)

    -  Retention pool (5 ha)

2. Secondary & Primary of External Drainage Network for Flood Control

    Investment Value : IDR 76 Billion

    Investment Scheme : State Government and Regional Budget

3. Office Tower

    Investment Value : IDR 169 Billion

    Investment Scheme : Direct Investment

    Description :

    -  Commercial area by rental system scheme for tenants

    -  Provide hotel and mice

    -  KIM Mart

    -  Rest area

    -  Modern business and service center

Project Description:

As a model of modern industrial estates in North Sumatra, Medan Industrial Estate not only offers a land, but also various of supporting facilities to provide the needs of investing companies. The area that has been inhabited by more than 500 tenants has become a promising area for developing of various processing industry sectors. Besides, it also provides warehousing area, waste processing system, water system, underground utility system, and other facilities to support investors’ concern. Moreover, as the driving force of an environmentally friendly economy, Medan Industrial Estate also welcomes the opportunities in developing of B3 (Hazardous and Toxic Substances) waste system to support green investment in Indonesia. Fulfilling with the most strategic area because of its location close to the industrial center in Medan City and has 2 rapid access via toll roads, making Medan Industrial Estate the most efficient industrial estate.

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Brochure Of Medan Industrial Estate


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Medan Industrial Estate Company Profile


Project Owner

PT Kawasan Industri Medan (KIM)

Contact Person

Mr. Fadiel Muhammad Syah

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