Governor of North Sumatra: Convincing Investors Need Hard Work and Database Availability

Governor of North Sumatra: Convincing Investors Need Hard Work and Database Availability

By : Sinar Indonesia Baru

06 January 2020 11:56 PM

Head of the BI Representative Office of North Sumatra Wiwiek Sisto Widayat said the 2019 NSI (North Sumatra Invest) Capacity Building activity aims to increase the capacity of the state apparatus in preparing data related to investment potential in all districts / cities.

"The aim is how our efforts so that NSI 2019 can be even more active in increasing investment. Because the data show that in 2019, our investment growth from the GDP shown by BPS, is only half from last year, around 6%. Last year, it could be 11-12%. It means there is something wrong here, "Wiwiek said in the 2019 North Sumatra Invest Capacity Building event at the BI Sumut Building on Tuesday (8/10).

The program was attended by participants from Bappeda and the North Sumatra Economic Assistant.

Wiwiek said, about the readiness of the database such as what projects are ready to be financed by investors, so it can be known, from which aspects the investors will invest their shares in North Sumatra.

He believes that investors do not know, where it started, because there is no data. In all districts / cities we cannot. People want to come, all they have to do is ask one door. All information about what projects exist and what their position is. It must already be available.

So, Wiwiek said, there were three data preparation programs that were initiated namely blue book, green book and brown book. The first is about data at the lowest level, related to project information data that will be offered to investors.

The second is more complete, because there is already a feasibility study (feasibility study) of the calculations and there are already data on land and what the land status is like. While the third is a brown book or brown book containing all data and information, both in terms of macro level, escalation, GRDP and employment like what. Coupled with what projects are ready. "This is what we will pursue," he said.

He hopes that with complete data, analysis and projections can be conveyed to investors, with the potential that exists in each district / city.

Meanwhile, North Sumatra Governor Edy Rahmayadi said, in terms of convincing potential investors (financiers) hard work was needed by all parties involved, ranging from the provincial, district / city government to the community. In this context is how to prepare a database (database) about the potential of the region.

He emphasized, we must first be sure. Second is honesty responding to various developments. If it's not honest, we will have difficulty going forward. And third, we cannot give up. Because when viewed in terms of potential, this North Sumatra promises to be right, whatever we have.

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