Wisata Kampung Mangrove

Wisata Kampung Mangrove

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location_onSerdang Bedagai

Wisata Kampung Mangrove

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Serdang Bedagai Regency is indeed less popular than other districts in North Sumatra Province. The regency which separated from Deli Serdang Regency since 2004 seems to have nothing to be proud of. The movement of the economy is helped by the existence of the trans-Sumatra road that crosses it. Full of containers and big buses that pass every day.

But it turns out that behind the aridity there is a hidden charm that is hidden by many people. One of them is Mangrove Tourism Park. This tourist attraction is one of the mainstays. Not boring. Because in addition to mangroves here there are also a lot of pine trees that grow on white sandy beaches. Lodges where you can relax with a variety of artistic shapes are scattered at almost all points.

Along the edges of a row of mangrove plants there are footpaths as wide as 1.5 meters above sea level made of wood and bamboo. The connecting bridges are curved. Very friendly for tourists who walk. Enjoying the charm of a mangrove plant by walking around it is really fun.

This tourist attraction is often used as a place of learning for students because it was designed for educational tourism. Each tree has a signboard with the scientific names of the trees. Among them are ketapang trees and fire trees.

This tourism object is managed independently by the local population, guided by the Tourism Office and the Serdang Bedagai District Environmental Agency. Starting from the entrance ticket, parking guards, to food vendors. All are organized in a joint business group with the local community.

No need to hesitate about price games, for example on the list price of food sold. Because everything was clearly displayed on the large banners displayed. The price of admission is IDR 8 thousand per person accompanied by proof of receipt. It's just to park pegged IDR 15 thousand per car.

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