Bakso Mak Iji

Bakso Mak Iji

Bakso Mak Iji


Food & Beverage


Jl. Gaperta No. 21A Kel. Helvetia Timur Kec. Medan Helvetia

Today, culinary business is one of the promising forms of business. Various types of food have emerged with an interesting variety of creativity. Ordinary foods are created into foods that have high taste and sale value. One of the usual foods that we often encounter is meatballs. Meatballs are a typical Indonesian food that is easily found anywhere. Because of the difficulty of finding meatballs free of MSG, preservatives and using natural ingredients, we finally took the initiative to make our own.

At the first time, the products offered were only Tofu Meatballs, and initially only sold to closest friends. Seeing a positive response, more and more orders are coming not only from among friends. Then the owner adds to the variant. Starting from bulk meatballs, tofu meatballs, dumplings, tofu skin folding meatballs, and spring rolls. Currently we only provide frozen food, in the future we hope to serve both offline and online. Meat variants also consist of beef and chicken meat. This business is growing and has a regular subscription. There are even some meatball stalls that use our meatballs.

Currently the process of introducing people to the community, we use Instagram, Facebook and Bazaar media. Our hope, in the future, our Brand is better known throughout Indonesia and can even be an export product or a typical Indonesian food souvenir.

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