Pisang Caramel

Pisang Caramel

Pisang Caramel


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Dusun IX Lorong Pendowo Desa Saentis Kecamatan Percut Sei Tuan

Pismel M.A was established in 2013 in Dusun IX / Lorong Pendowo Saentis Village, Percut Sei District, Deli Serdang Regency. Pismel M.A is an abbreviation of caramel banana NOBLE ANADA taken from the abbreviation of the family name which is one of the banana fans. Pismel M.A is a type of snack or snack made from bananas. M. Pismel itself is made from a combination of bananas coated by caramel smeared pansit skin, sweet caramel flavor can attract children's interest to consume it. Pismel M.A has 2 flavors namely original and sesame. Pismel M.A is marketed online and offline as in small shops, cooperatives and on-site by the by. Currently Pismel M.A is assisted by 7 employees who are housewives around the village. With the existence of Pismel M.A, it is hoped that it can help a little in moving the economy in our village.

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