Toba Caldera Resort


Toba Caldera Resort

Toba Caldera Resort

Investment Value

USD 1.75 Billion or equal to IDR 26 Trillion (Excluding PPN) ($1 = IDR 14.853)






  • Location                             : Ajibata Subdistrict, Toba Regency

  • Total Area / Land Status    : 386.72 Ha

  • Financial Feasibility           :

            - IRR : 15.95%

            - NPV : IDR118,043 million

            - Payback Period : as long 8 years

            - Concession : as long 30 years and could be extended to 15 years ahead

  • Project to Offer     :

1.     Central Village District (113,77 Ha / 29.4%), you can invest to several objects are:

a.     Mixed Use

b.    Entertainment Zone

c.     MICE

d.    Commercial

e.     Public Amenities

f.      Open Space

g.    Accommodation / Hotel

2.     South Ridge District (169,91 Ha / 43.9%), you can invest to several objects are:

a.     Adventure

b.    Beach Lagoon

c.     Commercial

d.    Supporting Facilities

e.     Open Space

f.      Accommodation / Hotel

3.     North Ridge District (103,4 Ha / 26.7%), you can invest to several objects are:

a.     Botanical Garden

b.    Commercial

c.     Arboretum

d.   Accommodation / Hotel

Project Description:

Offering a harmonious combination of the natural beauty of the world's largest caldera lake, with an authentic cultural heritage, which combined the development of a world-class tourism, the Toba Caldera Resort project is ready to become leading tourism amenities. This project approximately 130 km from Medan City (the capital city of North Sumatra) and adjacent directly to Lake Toba - as one of the five super priority destinations in Indonesia, also the largest volcanic lake in the world, and one of UNESCO Global Geoparks - is offering a new lifestyle experience, with environmentally concept. Toba Caldera Resort vision is to create an integrated prime eco-tourist destination; providing a variety of high-quality attractions and accommodations; increasing the value, awareness, and understanding of Batak cultural heritage as a friendly local heritage. Presently, Toba Caldera Resort managed to attract potential investor of modern lodging procurement such as Bobo Cabin by PT. Bobobox Indonesia. Interestingly the Toba Caldera Resort offers several incentives in investment as follows: period of land tenure, easier aspect of doing business, fully government support, the early-bird incentive for investor and many more, makes Lake Toba is waiting you to explore more.

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Toba Caldera Resort 2022


One Page Summary Of Toba Caldera Resort


Project Owner

Badan Pelaksana Otorita Danau Toba

Contact Person

Mr. Ryan Manurung

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