Kuala Tanjung Industrial Estate


Kuala Tanjung Industrial Estate

Kuala Tanjung Industrial Estate

Investment Value

USD 1.94 billion or equal to IDR28.87 trillion ($1 = IDR14,853)




Batu Bara


  • Location                               : Sei Suka Subdistrict, Batu Bara Regency
  • Total Area / Land Status    ±3,400 Ha
  • Financial Feasibility          : 

          - IRR: 12%

          - NPV: IDR 336 Trillion

          - Payback Period: 14 tahun

Project to Offer :

  • Kuala Tanjung Port is designated as an international hub for the western region of Indonesia in accordance with Indonesian Presidential Regulation No.26/2012, and has been designated as a National Strategic Project.
  • The Industrial Kuala Tanjung Estate has several advantages including strategic location, located in the Malacca Strait, has large enough land to accommodate huge-scale industries, access to a deep sea port that can serve the huge size vessels, and the use of basic infrastructure and facilities with together.
  • As a gateway to Sumatra island, Kuala Tanjung will increase the region's economic by lowering logistics costs so that will get increasing efficiency.
  • For development area is divided into 4 stages are:

          1. Developing multipurpose station (2015 - 2019)

          2. Developing industrial area (2015 - 2030)

          3. Developing international hub (2030 - 2040)

          4. Developing Kuala Tanjung as integrated urban area (2040 - 2050)

  • For basic infrastructure development of industrial estate includes road networks, electrical installations, drainage channels and raw water and waste treatment plants already done in 2021.
  • So far, the main industries in the Kuala Tanjung Industrial Estate include palm oil, food products, beverages, tires / other rubber products, steel, aluminum, cement, vehicle spare parts and footwear.

Project Description :

Connected to the international trade hub, the Malacca Strait adjacent to Kuala Tanjung Industrial Estate is an entrance way to the world economic transaction activities. With the distance around 110 km from Medan City (the capital city of North Sumatra), around 152 km from Belawan Harbor, 43 km from Sei Mangkei Special Economic Zone, and 116 km from Kualanamu International Airport makes Kuala Tanjung Industrial Estate the busiest shipping line in Indonesia. Beside supported by its strategic location, Kuala Tanjung Industrial Estate also has abundant of plantation and raw material, strong government support, availability of human resources, and integrated with seaport and other infrastructures. The readily available of logistics transportation facilities supported by multipurpose terminals and the train way to the Sei Mangkei Special Economic Zone, Kuala Tanjung Industrial Estate becomes a heaven for the industry in Indonesia.

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Project Owner

Commercial Manager of PT. Prima Pengembangan Kawasan

Contact Person

Mr. Said Joena

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